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🍹 The Hole-in-One Cocktail Recipe

Learn how to make The Hole-in-One cocktail, a sophisticated blend perfect for golf enthusiasts. Adjust the amount of orange juice to your liking for a more or less citrusy flavor. Find more cocktail recipes and bar sports guides at Drunk Player.

The Hole-in-One

You will need:

  • gin bottlegin
  • sweet vermouth bottlesweet vermouth
  • orange juice glassorange juice
  • cocktail shakercocktail shaker
  • ice cubesice cubes
  • chilled cocktail glasschilled glass


  1. First, prepare your cocktail shaker by filling it with ice cubes. This will ensure your drink is cold and refreshing.
  2. Next, pour in 1 oz of gin and 1 oz of sweet vermouth. These are the primary flavors of the cocktail.
  3. Now, give the shaker a good shake. This will mix the gin and vermouth together and chill them at the same time.
  4. After shaking, strain the mixture into a chilled glass. This will remove the ice and any bits of fruit that may have been in your juice.
  5. For the final touch, add a splash of orange juice. This will give the cocktail a hint of citrus and sweetness.
  6. Your Hole-in-One cocktail is now ready to serve. Enjoy it immediately for the best taste.


This cocktail is a sophisticated blend perfect for golf enthusiasts. Adjust the amount of orange juice to your liking for a more or less citrusy flavor.

Introducing "The Hole-in-One" - A Sophisticated Blend for Golf Enthusiasts

Are you a golf enthusiast looking to add a touch of sophistication to your drinking game repertoire? Look no further than "The Hole-in-One" cocktail. This delightful blend of gin, sweet vermouth, and orange juice is sure to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. Whether you're hosting a golf-themed party or simply want to enjoy a refreshing beverage while watching the game, this cocktail is a guaranteed winner.

To create "The Hole-in-One," you will need a few key ingredients. First, gather your trusty cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Then, add a generous pour of gin and a splash of sweet vermouth. Shake well to combine the flavors and create a refreshing chill. Next, strain the mixture into a chilled glass, ensuring a smooth and elegant presentation. Finally, add a splash of orange juice to give the cocktail a citrusy twist. Serve immediately and savor the sophisticated blend of flavors.

This cocktail is not only delicious but also highly customizable. Adjust the amount of orange juice to your liking to achieve the perfect balance of citrusy goodness. Whether you prefer a more robust gin flavor or a tangier orange kick, "The Hole-in-One" can be tailored to suit your taste buds. Experiment with different ratios until you find your personal sweet spot.

"The Hole-in-One" is more than just a drink; it's an experience. As you take a sip, imagine yourself on the lush green fairways, the sun shining down, and the crowd cheering. Let the flavors transport you to the world of golf, where precision and skill meet relaxation and enjoyment. Share this cocktail with your fellow golf enthusiasts and toast to the game you love.

So, the next time you're looking to raise the bar on your drinking game, remember "The Hole-in-One" cocktail. With its sophisticated blend of gin, sweet vermouth, and orange juice, it's sure to impress even the most discerning palates. Cheers to becoming a champion of both the golf course and the bar!

Note: Please drink responsibly and ensure you are of legal drinking age in your country.