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🍻 Dominoes Setup: From Shuffle to Yard 🎲

Learn how to set up a game of dominoes, from shuffling the tiles to creating the yard. Follow our step-by-step guide and become a dominoes champion. Cheers!

Dominoes Setup: From Shuffle to Yard

Hands shuffling a set of face-down dominoes on a table
Shuffling the Dominoes
Start by turning all the dominoes face down on the table. Mix them up thoroughly. This process is known as 'washing' the dominoes.
A player drawing tiles from a pile of dominoes
Drawing Tiles
Once the dominoes are shuffled, each player draws seven tiles from the 'boneyard' (the pile of shuffled dominoes). Make sure to keep your tiles hidden from other players.
A pile of face-down dominoes on the side of the playing area
Setting Up the 'Yard'
The remaining dominoes form the 'yard' or 'stock.' They should be kept face down and accessible to all players during the game for when they need to draw additional tiles.

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